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Jens-Christian Schwindt

Jens-Christian Schwindt is founder and CEO of SIMCharacters. www.simcharacters.com TechInfusion: SIMCharacters – High-end Simulators for Training in Neonatology

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Lukas Schober

Lukas Schober is an entrepreneur, consultant and university lecturer. His mission is to overcome obstructive conventions through digital innovations in

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Caroline Ringauf

Caroline Ringauf is co-founder & COO Plato Digital. As Co-Founder and COO of Plato Digital, Caroline is enabling cancer patients

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Fouad Al Noor

Fouad Al Noor is CEO and co-founder of ThinkSono. Fouad has a masters degree in Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology from

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Bright M Bwalya

Bright M Bwalya is the founder of Seizure Assistant and an international award winning Epilepsy & Mental Health advocate and

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