Transforming the Healthcare System

through Innovation, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship

What Health Hub Vienna Does

We join forces with key stakeholders to improve the Austrian and European healthcare system. By providing a collaborative and innovative environment, Health Hub Vienna will catalyze new, holistic and patient-centric solutions.

Open Innovation

We promote a culture of open innovation to streamline the commercialization of innovative solutions with a focus on unmet needs and deficiencies in the healthcare systems.


By connecting every stakeholder of the healthcare system for knowledge, skill, idea, and network exchange, we foster a collaborative environment.

Neutral Player

We support communities who share the mission of transforming healthcare without allegiance to any one party.

Join the transformation!

HHV is brought to you by major health and technology stakeholders in Austria and beyond. From top universities and insurance companies to pharma leaders and logistical giants, public organizations, and a vast community of startups, scaleups and hidden champions.

We are a community driven by the shared ambition of innovating healthcare. Join us!

Startups & Mentors

Grow your business through HHV's network of experts, decision makers and investors that will catapult the commercialization process of your product.

Industry Leaders

We bring new technological and innovative advances in healthcare to industry leaders, providing access to turnkey solutions of startups, public players and policy makers. We offer potential investment, sponsorship, partnership, and training opportunities.

Public Players

Public players can easily interact with innovators in healthcare and receive knowledge on state-of-the-art technologies, trends and current happenings. Become part of the transformation by joining our community, gain access to startup news and get involved in collaborative projects.


Engage your institution in the knowledge exchange and transformation through showcases, collaboration, meet-ups, events, and summits.

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