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COVID-19: An Opportunity for Healthcare in Austria

The COVID-19: An Opportunity for Healthcare in Austria summarizes the point of views of various stakeholders involved in digital healthcare. HHV team conducted thorough interviews with public and private players, providers and startups focusing on their pandemic-specific challenges and their experience with specific use cases of digital healthcareThe white paper discusses the landscape of legal and regulatory frameworks and technical infrastructure, and the authors make key observations and suggestions for a national effort towards a digital health innovation strategy.    

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Health Hub Vienna is a platform for open innovation in healthcare. Pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, private and public insurance companies, healthcare suppliers and start-ups all work together to develop new, holistic and patient-centric solutions. The acceleration program is managed by INiTS, Vienna’s high-tech incubator with an over 15-year track record of successfully developing start-ups in the life sciences.

Customized support for start-ups will be available during the critical steps involved in anchoring products and services in a complex healthcare system, driven by a large number of stakeholders. For example, we will significantly accelerate certification processes, fulfillment of regulatory requirements (e.g. data protection), and fundraising, all of which currently slow down life-science, digital-health and med-tech start-ups and innovation in healthcare in general.





Call for mentors

Do you want to get involved in helping digital health projects? Would you like to take part in our network of committed healthcare stakeholders? Would you like to get directly in touch with exciting digital health startups?

Become a mentor!

Whether regulatory, business model or scaling up, give some of your time and expertise to further the digital health mission.



Corporate-ready Startups with a validated business-model, with a team size 8-10 the least, initial funding around 1 Mio EUR, initial customer traction and a working prototype in the following areas:


manage chronic diseases, Cardio-vascular, metabolic or respiratory diseases, inflammation, immunology and dermatology, oncology, mental health, neurological or infectious diseases, haematology, rare diseases and regenerative medicine. Support for patients, payers, providers and medical professionals (e.g. improve adherence, prompt lifestyle change, facilitate data recording and treatment plans). Solution to improve the customer experience journey, facilitate better decision making on treatment & outcomes and improve referral networks.


points of care. (Digital) Technologies for diagnostics, decision support, remote monitoring etc. May also include process improvements (Electronic Health Records, patient education/information etc.)
We are not looking for „classical“ red biotech or pharmaceutical therapies.


make the healthcare system overall more productive by demonstrating value and improving patient outcomes. Preventive diagnostics and treatments, telemonitoring, home care & recovery solutions etc.



We have been building start-ups for more than 15 years, during which time we have run eight start-up camps all with the support of a network of mentors, experts and successful start-up founders. During workshops, coaching sessions and community events relevant topics will be discussed, including:

Go-to-Market Strategies

distribution channels in
healthcare markets

Regulatory and Certification

quality management

Stakeholder Management

approval and reimbursement

“One thing that stands out is an outgoing readiness of the HHV team to support alumni 1+ years after graduation. Every time I mentioned I needed certain warm intros I received help, and that is truly appreciated.”
Helena Binetskaya

CEO, Co-Founder , Lungpass

“There was a great variety of activities (demoing, compliance workshops, meeting with potential investors) and we received feedback and mentorship from industry experts at an early stage. This makes programs like the HHV so important. Everything was well organized and within a great atmosphere. Meeting with other founders and learn from them were the most important takeaways. We had a chance to speak to Uniqa and other potential partners. I would definitely recommend the program to other start-ups in the DACH-region or Austrian market.”
Tomasz Domino

Chief Operating Officer, Infermedica Sp. z o.o.

“We at SidekickHealth made great progress with the support of the HHV team. The program is very well organized, professional and time efficient. I would advise every health startup with international ambitions to apply. The Health Hub Vienna team did an amazing job and during the program, we accelerated our business significantly. It is highly recommended!”
Sam Oddsson

Founder, SidekickHealth



Batch #5




Interessting and worth knowing informations about the field of healthcare

HHV Innovation Day

HHV Innovation Day

Health Hub Vienna INNOVATION DAY COVID-19 - an opportunity for the Austrian health system   On Sept. 17th  2020, the Health Hub Vienna Innovation Day presented itself as a platform for discussing an explosive topic: should COVID-driven solutions be maintained,...

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Demo Day Batch #4

Demo Day Batch #4

3 pioneering Cooperation projects, 8 international Health Tech Startups. This was the Demo Day of the Health Hub Vienna Batch#4…

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Retrospect – Onboarding Batch #4

Retrospect – Onboarding Batch #4

Just even started!
The 11 selcted startups of Batch #4 got their first impression of the intensiv and highly beneficial 100 days of the Health Hub Vienna Acceleration Program…

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Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare – Health Hub Vienna

Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare – Health Hub Vienna

In 2017 we had the great vision to create an open innovation platform where all stakeholders of the health industry meet and work together with #startups and #entrepreneurs to foster #innovation in #healthcare. With the support of our launching partner Uniqa Private...

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Activities all about the future of healthcare.

Meetup Nr.2

07. May 2021

HHV Meetup: “What do the patients want? A healthtech approach to patient empowerment”

Health Hub Vienna is proud to present this meetup within the framework of ViennaUP`21 Festival, which aims to be one of the biggest startup and innovation events in Europe. We recognise that many methods and tools are already implemented to empower patients through digital health, but have we gone far enough and fast enough?

Meetup Nr.3

04. August 2021

HHV Meetup: “How can we best tailor our available treatments?”

Health Hub Vienna presents a physical event on precision medicine focusing on creating better diagnostics and more tailored therapies.


operational team behind the Health Hub Vienna



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