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Abundance Gate

Abundance Gate is an interdisciplinary lab facility & international innovation hub designed to address crucial gaps in the European innovation ecosystem by offering 18,000m2 state-of-the-art lab space, a deep tech VC fund, and advisory services aligning scientists, academics, experts, corporates and investors to realize biotech startups’ highest potential in tackling some of the world’s most challenging problems. We focus on life sciences, food sciences and cross-sections such as AI, robotics, sensor technologies and quantum computing. We bridge the gap between startup company and corporate company, bringing together the best of both worlds. We accelerate commercially and socially valuable innovations that make a difference – for our society, our planet and our economy.



Akunah is committed to providing world-class patient care in orthopaedics using state-of-the-art technology. Akunah’s technological solutions will benefit the healthcare community, regardless of the user’s geographical location or resources by facilitating access to high-quality, personalized orthopaedic treatment. Our products aim to bridge the gap that ultimately affects the outcomes of patients.

These solutions include the Akunah Platform (patient engagement, data collection and analysis software), and Akunah Med (medical education platform). Akunah additionally targets surgical planning and execution as a key area for medical device development; recently receiving FDA clearance for the surgical planning software – Reflect, which includes new technologies supported by AI to enhance the surgeons operative abilities.


Austrian Business Agency

Your key to Austria as a business location. We inform and advise you before you come to Austria, support you on your path here and stay by your side even after you have established your business. And we have been doing so now for 40 years.


Austrian Business Agency is featuring two startups:



VERDI Solutions
Inspired by personal experiences, our mission is to restore the healthy life of cancer patients. We leverage Artificial Intelligence to design personalized cancer vaccines tailored to each individual’s genetic information. Our vaccines utilizes natural peptides derived from the patient’s tumor to stimulate targeted immune responses against cancer cells. By minimizing the risk of toxicity and offering a safe treatment option, our personalized vaccines complement existing therapies. With our cloud-based web application, oncologists can easily prescribe these vaccines, while our immune diagnostics aid in determining the most effective treatment plan. At VERDI Solutions, we are empowering oncologists to shift from mass-produced medicine towards a personalized and patient-centered approach.


EIT Health Austria

The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) is an independent institution of the European Union, founded in 2008 to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. Since 2014, the network initiative has also been active in the field of health. EIT Health is currently working with around 130 members in a “public-private partnership” to find solutions to the major healthcare challenges of our time. Leading companies, public institutions as well as renowned universities and research institutions are working together with start-ups and SMEs in innovative programmes and projects to develop new products and services that promote a sustainable health economy in Europe. One focus the organisation is also to close the gap between regions that are leaders in innovation and those regions which are still progressing. EIT Health Innostars is therefore driving activities in Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Romania.

In 2022, EIT Health has opened a new hub with 15 Partners in Austria: EIT Health Austria, headquartered in Vienna.

EIT Health Austria


Erste Bank is one of the largest and at the same time most traditional banks in Austria. Founded in 1819 as “Erste Oesterreichische Spar-Casse”, it played a key role in shaping the development of Austrian and Central European finance. With the reestablishment of Erste Bank Oesterreich as the lead institution of the savings bank group in 2008, the foundation was laid for the path to market and quality leadership in Austria. Together with the locally anchored savings banks, Erste Bank Oesterreich aims to become the banking group with the largest share of customers and to distinguish itself through the best service and advisory quality as well as the highest customer orientation.


Health Hub Vienna

Health Hub Vienna is a platform for open innovation that actively promotes change in the European healthcare system. We discern gaps in healthcare and provide a collaborative and innovative environment for pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and private and public insurance companies, amongst others, to connect with startups and with each other. Health Hub Vienna will catalyze innovative and cutting-edge solutions by bridging the connection between problem identification and solution integration. We bring together stakeholders of the healthcare system, connecting them through active matching, network access, events, and trainings for information transfer.


Höhne, In der Maur & Partner

Höhne, In der Maur & Partner is a Viennese law firm with a special focus on corporate law, intellectual property, real estate law and non-profit. The firm has been active in all areas of law relevant to business for decades and advises clients from almost all industries.

In advising entrepreneurs, Höhne, In der Maur & Partner has also specialized in consulting in the field of health and medical law and supports startups and investors, including in Health Tec, with expertise, years of experience and a large network in the health industry. In doing so, the firm not only acts as an advisor, but also regularly connects its clients with each other in order to create synergies and promote cooperations in different industries and fields.


Höhne, In der Maur & Partner is featuring two startups:

Ablevia biotech
Ablevia discovered and patented a new injectable, peptide-based drug format able to selectively remove harmful antibodies from the blood.


stAPPtronics has developed the stappone sensorsole & app to improve orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation based on patented textile pressure sensor technology. It enables fast, inexpensive and location independent standardized movement tests, long-term movement analysis and foot pressure analysis for healthcare professionals guide rehab inhouse & remotely resulting in more rapid return to normal activity (up to 25% for orthopedic injuries) and reduced probability of re-ruptures & invalidity ratios.



INiTS is Vienna’s high-tech incubator and has established itself as one of the best academic incubators worldwide since its foundation in 2002. With its collaborative business modeling approach, customized consulting and training services, START capital of up to €100,000 and a tightly knit partner network, INiTS has become the platform for high-performing innovative research and technology-intensive startups in the Austrian startup ecosystem.



Kurvenkratzer GmbH is an agency for digital health communication, serious games and an online magazine. Whatever we do, our main focus is to empower patients and increase their knowledge. To do this, we focus on the patient’s language and reality. We live patient-centricity. We understand the chronic disease patient journey better than any other agency because we ourselves are patients and their families. We work side by side with the patient organisation InfluCancer and are part of the InfluCancer community. In the area of serious gaming, we explain complex topics and/or accompany patients in complex situations. Kurvenkratzer is also a kind of lifestyle magazine where we talk about cancer. Since we see cancer as a topic and not a taboo, we talk about all facets of life with and after cancer in a fearless and sometimes cheeky way.



LISAvienna is the joint life science platform of Austria Wirtschaftsservice and the Vienna Business Agency. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs and the City of Vienna, it contributes to the further development of life sciences in Vienna. LISAvienna supports innovative biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health companies in Vienna that develop new products, services and processes and bring them to market. The platform connects these companies with development partners and lead customers. As a central knowledge carrier, LISAvienna provides decision-making bases for the expansion of life sciences in Vienna and contributes to the positioning of the city of Vienna as one of Europe’s leading innovation centers.



Medicus AI is an innovative technology company that supports you by offering an AI-powered experience that takes your business to the next level and provides your patients with personalized access to better understand and manage their health.



MiiCare is the ultimate ageing experience, empowering older adults to proactively manage their health and engage with their local community with dignity. We achieve this through our generative AI solution Monica which collects health data and provides targeted digital therapeutics to older adults within their home. Our solution is evidenced based and have proven to support older adults to live longer ad healthier within their home environment. Monica was the first conversational AI in the world to be integrated with ChatGPT within the Agetech sector.


Samedi Austria

With 15 years of e-health expertise, samedi supports 10,000 healthcare facilities, including 1300 clinics, in the digital treatment coordination of over 30 million patients. Highly secure online services such as appointment booking, patient communication & forms, payment function, video consultation, referral networking, calendar and resource management relieve the clinic team of administrative tasks, actively involve patients in the treatment process and at the same time increase utilization and profitability – DSGVO-compliant and TÜV-certified.



UNOY is a no-code platform that lets you automate and digitize knowledge, rules and regulations with ease.


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