Digital Health around the world and what can we do in Austria?

The bad news: In 2020 the deficits in the healthcare systems across the globe became ever more obvious, the need for transformation even more evident. We still suffer from the crisis situation that hit the entire world unfortunately unprepared. The good news: #COVID19 put water on the mills we at Health Hub Vienna / #HHV have started to turn in 2018 – even if we did not ask for this disastrous “partner in crime”.

2021 was again an exceptional year and 2022 will be, too. We discussed with various experts about the role and status of #digitalhealth solutions in Austria and Europe, how to acclerate the transformation of #healthcare in Austria and Europe, the many opportunities and what to focus on and what to expect: Gerda Achzet, international Strategic Healthcare Innovation Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), Erich Kruschitz, CEO of SanusX, a #corporatespinoff of Uniqa Insurance Group, Friedrich Lämmel, #cofounder and CEO of the Berlin-based #startup Thryve and Christine Stadler-Häbich, Director Business Development Austria at Roche Diagnostics and #boardmember of Austromed, the association representing the #medtech industry in Austria (representing around 500,000 #medicaldevices). You can watch the video here:

The most important messages:

  • We need to keep the achievements of the last two years and maintain the speed the pandemic generated. We must even get faster in really using innovative solutions not to lag behind and to loose the lead we once had over Germany and some other European nations.
  • We need to take along the learnings from the crisis, regain the solidarity within the society and trust into science, and learn from each other, work together with organizations, corporates and startups, who are not our partners yet and also amongst competitors. None of the players can do it alone.
  • And, most importantly, we need to close the gap between the digital ability and the willingness to provide, integrate and pay for digital solutions servicing all players in healthcare – including the patients. We have not focused enough on taking along the doctors.

It was stressed that we need to better match the unmet need with what an innovative solutions really can offer in order to make it work – in fact, that’s what Health Hub Vienna aims at. The prognosis for 2022 is that we will to come to terms, draw the right conlusions and come from shock to stabliziation to actually moving ahead.

What the panelists wish for, in particular in Austria, is quicker decisions, a simplified and improved access to data, and focused work on patient-centric processes rather than on the problems of the system itself. One particular area with urgent unmet needs is nursing and caregiving as problems that have grown and will keep growing. What’s positive: everbody agreed on Austria’s amazing existing ingredients for a #digitalhealthcare system and the great momentum. We just need to get it right now!

Christine, Gerda and Erich also described what startups and partners they are looking for to improve the #patientjourney and what selection criteria they use. So if you are a startupwith the ambition to work with them, this is a must-listen-to! It is also hear what goals they have for 2022, listen to how Friedrich and his team at Thryve succeeded and still wants to grow and do not hesitate to reach out!

If you want to better match innovative solutions from across the globe with the burning problems in healthcare reach out to us at

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