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Birgit Vogel

Dr. Birgit Vogel is a cardiologist and cardiovascular disease researcher, and Associate Director of Academic Affairs at the Center for Interventional Cardiovascular Research and Clinical

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Simos Symeonidis

Simos Symeonidis is IoT and Sensors Domain Director at Eight Bells Research. Eight Bells Research Eight Bells (8BELLS) is an

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Lucy Setian

Lucy Setian is responsible for the digital transformation strategy of the Novartis Foundation and its execution with the aim to

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Jens-Christian Schwindt

Jens-Christian Schwindt is founder and CEO of SIMCharacters. www.simcharacters.com TechInfusion: SIMCharacters – High-end Simulators for Training in Neonatology

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Andreas Schriefl

2014-Current – Founder and CEO at eMurmur
, CSD Labs GmbH 2013-2014 – Deputy Head of the Institute of Biomechanics, 

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Lukas Schober

Lukas Schober is an entrepreneur, consultant and university lecturer. His mission is to overcome obstructive conventions through digital innovations in

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Johannes Sarx

As head of the Deep Technologies Department at the Austrian federal promotional bank, Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (aws), Johannes Sarx is

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Rebeca Sabou

Rebeca Sabou is Innovation Manager at Health Hub Vienna. Moderation: Session: How is Finance influencing Health?​ Panel: How is Finance

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