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Your key to Austria as a business location. We inform and advise you before you come to Austria, support you on your path here and stay by your side even after you have established your business. And we have been doing so now for 40 years.

Austrian Business Agency is featuring two startups:


VERDI Solutions
Inspired by personal experiences, our mission is to restore the healthy life of cancer patients. We leverage Artificial Intelligence to design personalized cancer vaccines tailored to each individual’s genetic information. Our vaccines utilizes natural peptides derived from the patient’s tumor to stimulate targeted immune responses against cancer cells. By minimizing the risk of toxicity and offering a safe treatment option, our personalized vaccines complement existing therapies. With our cloud-based web application, oncologists can easily prescribe these vaccines, while our immune diagnostics aid in determining the most effective treatment plan. At VERDI Solutions, we are empowering oncologists to shift from mass-produced medicine towards a personalized and patient-centered approach.

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