HHV Innovation Day Presentations

Learn more about a super interoperable digital health solution that makes over 70 NHS organisation’s work run smoother.

Open Medical is a clinically-led organisation that builds cloud-based patient management solutions used across the NHS with over 70 organisations utilising the system. Open Medical’s mission is to empower healthcare providers worldwide to deliver the best data-driven care by optimising clinical workflows, coordinating distributed teams, and enabling seamless collaboration. 

The company creates safe and secure clinical solutions with automatic coding for consistent datasets and audit. Their product presented in the video is PathpointTM. This application is designed, built and delivered by healthcare consultants. PathpointTM integrates a number of novel technologies, including process automatization, predictive analytics based on machine learning techniques and runs on a cloud-first basis. With over 20,000 clinical users,

PathpointTM, Open Medical’s clinical pathway management solution, has been recognised for its unparalleled functionality. Open Medical’s platform is serving over 600,000 unique patient pathways across multiple clinical specialties. Since 2017, PathpointTM solutions have facilitated hospital communication across more than 20 UK NHS partners. Learn more about Open Medical’s solution in the video above on their journey to create a healthcare ecosystem in the UK.

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