HHV Innovation Day Presentations


Digital health has contributed many aspects of achieving our common overarching goal: high quality and sustainable healthcare by improving the patient journey. How might we involve different stakeholders to shift from small-scale innovation projects to system-level transformation and achieve the full potential of digital health innovation in our country?

We at Health Hub Vienna were most excited to present this year’s huge achievements in the framework of our annual Innovation Day. However, our event coincided with the beginning of the winter lockdown in Austria, and so we were unfortunately unable to host it.

Nevertheless, we did not want our partners and network’s hard work to go and we also wanted to give a chance to our network to learn about this year’s success stories and learnings. For this reason, we decided that we will enable you all to access the presentations that were prepared for the Innovation Day – so no story is left untold and that the content can be reached for longer.

We encourage you to use this opportunity to get inspired and drive innovation forward!

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