Sprint 4 – Collaboration, Story Telling & Demoday

28th & 29th November 2019

Day 1:
On the first day of the last sprint the collaborative projects, pilots, applications, conditions of working together will be further nailed down. Depending on the feedback and input from the previous sprints, further options will be worked out by inviting more potential facilitators.

Day 2:
The Demo Day is the touchdown of the Health Hub Vienna Acceleration program:
We would like to make it a real touchdown by presenting collaborative projects and real results The selected health startups will get the chance to present the takeaways and (potential) partnerships initiated during the intense 100 days since the selection board.
Also our partners and HHV-alumni will be on stage and discuss the learnings, reflect on hurdles, but also ways to overcome the barriers in order to realize the mutual benefits from startup-corporate collaboration.

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