Sprint 3 – Financing

07th & 08th November 2019

All startups have successfully raised private capital already, some several millions. Like all the other workshops this sprint will take the startups to the next level: prepare for the questions strategic investors typically ask, we talk about winning profiles advanced investors are looking for, will foster the exchange also with your peers about which profiles of investors you should be looking for, where to find them, how to address them and how to manage the process.
We will provide you with selected best practices and real-life-experience. You will be working on your own strategy and receive hands-on feedback from participants and experts.
In a speed-dating setup we provide you with a number of suitable investors, for you to collect an amazing amount of contacts and feedback in a short period of time. Those investors you can convince will be prepared to meet the next day to dig deeper in 1-1-meetings.

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