Sprint 2 – Pilots & Regulatory

17th & 18th October 2019

Day 1:
PoC Workshop Description:

In the workshop, startups will work 1-on-1 with selected partners to work out potential PoC/common projects together. In an interactive session, participants will discuss what makes a successful PoC, the topics & roles that need to be considered and learn from good practice, but also how-not-to examples. In a second step, the matching pairs (startup – partner) will develop a joint PoC roadmap setting the course for a long-term partnership.

The Health Hub Vienna invites you to a panel discussion about “How (not) to kill a startup”.
Startups can be very successful in collaborating with corporates. They may also die for all sorts of reasons. We would like to discuss some key factors and ways to help your business survive and grow together (both startup and corporate).
Entrepreneurs, employees from the public sector as well as decision-makers from large corporations will answer our questions about what it takes to collaborate successfully for the benefit of all involved, including patients.

Day 2:
Regulatory / Certification Workshop

This Regulatory Workshop specifically focuses on challenges European startups face in the deployment of digital health solutions.
By showing practical examples, discussing the specific questions of the selected startups and raising issues that might not even be on the radar screen yet, an experienced high-class panel aims to work out strategies how to navigate through the complex framework digital solutions need to address to really scale.

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