Our first workshop “High Impact Business Models” addressed one of the most important questions to ask when changing the healthcare-system: How does it work and how to create real impact.

Healthcare is special: Very decentralized, difficult to understand and burdened by (new) regulations – some of them necessary to protect patients, others just adding little value to quality, risk-reduction or increased efficiencies.

As a first step analyzing the different stakeholders and their needs, drivers, concerns was really enlightening. Experts discussing with Start-up Teams and Mentors set a new standard of understanding, evaluating trends and developing strategies!

Second – healthcare offers lots of opportunities: Big market, lots of pressure-points (e.g. shortage of hc-professionals) or evolution to “consumerism”. But only for the smart ones! Some strategies:

  • Don’t work against business models of established players!
  • Especially relevant in health-care: Anchor pricing! The choice which market(segment) to enter first is critical for possible future price-level!
  • Healthcare needs coordination and communication – bring single solutions together!

Last, but not least we discussed radical future trends/visions: Robot advisors, introducing lean management practices into the healthcare system or augmented intelligence solutions for points of care.

Experts: Request your invitation! If you have expertise in the healthcare-industry, are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship – please send me a personal message why you want to be part of the HealthHubVienna. In our upcoming workshops (Regulation and Certification, Scale-up!, Money for Growth!) you will have the opportunity to exchange views with first-class start-up teams, their mentors, HHV-partners and industry experts!