What an incredible 2 days!
Last week the fourth 2d-Sprint of the “Health Hub Vienna Batch#4” was dedicaded to the topic Financing. 
We have tackled this important and difficult issue with an intensive programme.

Financing Day 1

Since the Health Hub Vienna (HHV) exclusively looks after mature startups, the challenges in terms of financing are different from those of so-called “newbees”. Accordingly, the HHV-Incubees were confronted with typical expectations and questions that they can expect in their special growth phase when meeting investors. The “Interactive Talk” provided valuable insider knowledge in this respect. Michael Brown and Claudia Maizen then presented special features of the British investor landscape. In the “working lunch” there were tailor-made pitch trainings for the HHV startups as preparation for the following “Investors Speeddating”. The day ended with the “Welcome Evening” at the Vienna Stock Exchange, which was the prelude to the Life Science Investment Days.

Financing Day 2

At the Life Science Investment Days on 8 November 2019 at the Haus der Wiener Wirtschaft, organised by CS Life Science Invest, INiTS and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry supported by HHV partners such as Boehringer Ingelheim or Sanofi, MedTech startup founders, including a number of HHV participants, were able to network with national and international startups and key players from the domestic healthcare sector as part of the “Funding and Life Science Fair”. The event also served to bridge the gap between the “classic” life sciences and the digital health economy.

The Life Science Investment Days were opened with keynotes from top-class experts who addressed the general challenges in our healthcare system and offered an interesting insight into innovative solutions. The entrepreneur and former finance minister Hans Jörg Schelling,stressed the necessity to urgently change from a ‘strategy follows structure’ approach in our health care system to a ‘structure follows strategy’ approach. In the subsequent panel discussion with experts from the investment industry and successful company founders, the question of the current situation and future of European life science deep tech investments was discussed vividly, controversially and with exciting insights.

In a presentation by Guido Boehmelt, Philipp Hainzl and Detlev Mennerich, all from HHV partner Boehringer Ingelheim, the company’s activities at the life science hotspot Vienna were presented. While a total of 18 startups finally introduced themselves to interested investors, there was also a series of top-class panel discussions and workshops, moderated by INiTS CEO Irene Fialka and Christian Soschner, founder of CS Life Science Invest. They dealt with such interesting topics as “Life Science Deep Tech Investment”, “The Role of Women in Health IT” or “Sources of Funds – Off the Usual Tracks”.

The HHV Financing Days ended with an evening reception at which there was ample opportunity for networking.

Der Brutkasten was reporting on the Life Science Days.