The HealthHubVienna batch #1 is almost over – DemoDay next week! Time to take a look back at the workshops we have done together! Interested in being part of HealthHub batch #2 in September 2018? See what we did!

The vision of the HealthHubVienna program is to „Transform healthcare through innovation and entrepreneurship!” Therefore we offer an acceleration program for the selected Start-ups with the goal to manager success-critical processes, like Go-to-market or certification, much faster.

The sprint-workshops offer opportunities to co-create with HHV partners and mentors in the following areas:

·      High Impact Business Models in Healthcare

·      Regulatory and Certification

·      Scale-up! Ready for Growth!

·      Fundraising and Investment Strategies

1. High Impact Business Models in Healthcare (March 27th. and 28th.):

Healthcare markets are complex, competitive and sometimes difficult to enter – e.g. due to large players with a strong sales-force, because of approval procedures or regulation for sales and marketing. However, new business models will create opportunities to offer products and services in completely new ways. What trends are emerging? How to design a Start-up’s business model to create maximum impact? Business model innovation is a must to be successful in a challenging market environment!

2. Regulatory and certifications (April 10th. and 11th.):

One of the most crucial challenges for Start-ups in healthcare-markets, not easy to master and expected to be even more demanding in the future! Supported by experts and market insiders we challenged the Start-up’s strategy for their initial product as well as the product development roadmap. Since the procedures are time consuming and expensive deciding on the right approach and staying on track are important.

3. Scale-up! (May 3rd., and 4th.):

Sooner or later any sucessfull Start-up will reach a complexity threshold – with growth organization, management, leadership etc. turn into hot-topics to be solved. But definitely not the “old-fashion way”! We discussed how to implement “agile organizations”, “holacracy”, “cultures of passion and performance”. All with a focus on the question “What matters now!?” – How to manage complexity, set standards and track performance in times of acceleration and change. A crucial task for any Start-up founder is to build a “system” – ready to scale!

4. Fundraising and Investment Strategies (May 15th. and 16th.):

Which Start-up does not need funding!? And it’s a challenge! Not only to find the “right” investor or strategic partner with deep pockets but also to manage the complexities around the fundraising process: Due diligence, negotiations, valuation, term sheets, cap tables,… We got inside the brain of investment professionals and learned all the fundraising secrets by doing an investor’s speed-dating event.

We would like to thank all our HHV-partner organizations and especially the mentors!!! The HHV Start-ups put in a lot of energy into the program, making it really special!