Demo Day of the Health Hub Vienna – 3 pioneering Cooperation projects, 8 international Health Tech Startups

On November 29, 8 eHealth and MedTech startups from 5 European countries presented the results of three months of work in Austria’s first Health Tech Accelerator.

Dr. Darryl McCannel, Senior Vice President of the hosting Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) welcomed the guests from the domestic health industry and sketched out the paradigm shift that has been noticeable in innovation management for some time. “It is no longer possible to rely on a closed-door policy, in which R&D departments are researching new active ingredients and products independently from other stakeholders. Rather, it is necessary to bring in innovation from outside in order to compete in the market. Startups have an inspiring effect here and would also act as a stimulant for established companies”, Mr. McCannel said.

After a guided tour of Boehringer Ingelheim’s production facilities, Peter Eichler, member of the Management Board of UNIQA Privatstiftung and co-initiator of the Health Hub Vienna (HHV), welcomed the guests. Dr. Eichler said that “a revolution is currently underway in the economy. With one word – digitalisation. So two years ago UNIQA decided to play a leading role in the establishment of Austria’s first health tech accelerator in order not to overlook the expected upheavals and possibly fall behind”.

Dr. Eichler and INiTS Managing Director Dr. Fialka were impressed by both, the quality as well as the quantity of the current batch. From 120 applicants from 30 countries eleven startups qualified for the 4th round of the HHV. All qualifiers worked out concrete cooperation projects during the 100 days in the accelerator with the HHV partners, three of whom are presented here as examples:

DrugStars (Denmark):
An app that on the one hand increases regular adherence to medication and on the other hand teaches pharmaceutical companies how patients handle their medication intake. Boehringer Ingelheim is about to launch DrugStars’ pilot projects for certain diseases in Austria, Germany and Slovakia.


Wellabe (Germany):
Together with UNIQA, the “Vital Truck” is sent through Austria. In the context of company health care, enterprises will be visited and their employees examined in a mobile laboratory. Within the shortest possible time the results can interpreted by a medical doctor and a personal treatment or prophylaxis plan drawn up. Unlike in the past, the entire process is digitized and thus made much more efficient.


Doctify (Great Britain):
In this further UNIQA pilot project, the insurer helps its customers to find exactly the right doctor for their needs or sufferings. Existing information about doctors is linked with an intelligent algorithm so that patients can find the best specialist for them; an important step towards increasing treatment safety and patient satisfaction.


Dr. Irene Fialka, Managing Partner of HHV, said that in any case in the light of the changes in the economy, as Mr. Eichler stated,  it would be better to be in the driver’s seat and take the wheel than just to be a passenger. “We were aware that we would not be able to do this alone and this was the reason for entering into cooperation with core partners such as UNIQA,” said Fialka.

The scouting for the fifth batch of the Health Hub Vienna starts already on December 2019!